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About Text to Slug

A URL slug is a part that comes at the very end of a URL that identifies the specific page or post. It is a brief description of the page, which lets users and search robots understand the content.

For example - in "https://www.freewebtoolkit.com/text-to-slug" URL, "text-to-slug" is a slug. Always keep in mind that shorter slugs can positively affect your page's SEO as they are often picked by search engines over longer ones.

Why use the Text to Slug tool?

URL slugs can boost your website ranking in search engines. When a search engine find a match between a search query by users and the slug of the URL of a website's page, it tends to rank higher that website. You can achieve better results by following these tips :

Using keywords

Add key keywords to your slugs. Doing so will increase your chance of ranking and users can get an idea of your content from the slug.

Keeping your slugs shorter

Short slugs are easier to understand than longer ones and they can be fully shown in the search results of engines.

How to generate URL slug using FreeWebToolkit?

1. Just copy the text that you want to generate the slug from.

2. Paste your text into the box of the tool.

3. Hit the "convert" button to generate your slug.

4. Here you go, copy your generated slug and use it wherever you want.

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