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PowerPoint to PDF Converter

About PowerPoint to PDF Converter

Convert easily your Powerpoint files (.ppt, .pptx) to PDF format using our free online tool. Convert Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT) files to PDF online with one click. Our PowerPoint to PDF converter tool is a quick and easy online solution to convert PowerPoint files to PDF for Windows and MAC. It is an easy to use and FREE tool.

Benefits of using our free PPT to PDF Converter

Preservation of slide layout

Our PPT to PDF converter respects the original resolution and page orientation of your PowerPoint presentation when converting to PDF, avoiding bars or odd aspect ratios in the file. Our PDF tools make it easy to convert documents and thus save your time whenever you need to convert PPT to PDF.

PowerPoint to PDF high quality outcome

Our free online tool will produce a high quality result of your PowerPoint slides.

Showcase your work with pride!

PDFs can be used for full-screen business presentations in any PDF viewing tool. Thanks to the reliability of the PDF format, you avoid problems with missing fonts or screen resolution. Use our PDF converter tool for all your conversion needs.

PowerPoint to PDF with notes and animations

If any of your PowerPoint presentations contain hidden slides or comments, note that these items will not be converted to PDF. These items can't be included in the converted PDF as PDF is a static format, which means that our PowerPoint to PDF converter tool does not convert the notes at the bottom of each slide in your PowerPoint presentation. Animated transitions between slides or sound effects also will disappear from the document converted to PDF format.

How to use the PowerPoint to PDF Converter?

PowerPoint to PDF Converter

1. You can either import a document from your local device or use an external URL (use remote URL). Make sure to import only documents with (.ppt, .pptx) formats.

2. Hit the "Convert" button to convert your PPT presentation to PDF.

3. A dialog box will be open with the preview of your PDF and a download button.

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