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HTML to PDF Converter

About HTML to PDF Converter

Easily convert your HTML pages to PDF files using our free online tool. This tool will help you to convert HTML to PDF / URL to PDF online and for FREE.

About HTML to PDF Conversion

Converting to PDF is like printing your web page virtually. Once you've turned your HTML files into PDFs, your virtual copy is editable and customizable, and you save paper!

The quality of the PDF output depends on how the page was coded and whether it is suitable for printing. If your web page looks weird in print, chances are it will look weird as a PDF. But there is a solution. Some websites include another print button on each page that presents the content of that page in a preformatted version.

Why you should use our free HTML to PDF Converter?

Continuous visualization

Converting HTML files to PDF is simple and free. Who says long page, says long PDF! If the content of your web page or document is longer than one page of the PDF, it continues on subsequent pages. Select the "Continuous" display mode in your PDF software to view the HTML file as you would in a browser.

Website overlays

Some websites may contain sections of a page (usually a menu or an overlay) asking you to accept the terms of navigation, sections that remain on the page as you scroll. When you convert HTML files to PDF, these sections appear on every page of your PDF files.

How to use the HTML to PDF Online Converter?

HTML to PDF Converter

1. You can either import a document from your local device or use an external URL of your webpage (use remote URL). Make sure to import only documents with (.html) formats.

2. Hit the "Convert" button to convert your HTML webpage to PDF.

3. A dialog box will be open with the preview of your PDF and a download button.

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