Case Converter

About Case Converter

The Case Converter by FreeWebToolkit is a free online tool that will make you update your text with the chosen case. This free tool will help you to do the following :

Sentence Case

The sentence case tool will convert your text into a well structured sentence. It will capitalize the first letter in each sentence and then convert the rest of the sentence to lower case.

Example :  Welcome to our website.

Lower Case

The lower case tool will uncapiltalize all your text. It will convert your text to lower case.

Example :  welcome to our website.

Upper Case

The upper case tool will capiltalize all your text. It will convert your text to upper case unlike the lower case tool.


Capitalized Case

The capitalized case tool will capiltalize the first letter of each word and to lower case the rest of the letters of each word of your text.

Example :  Welcome To Our Website.

How to use the Case Converter tool?

1. Choose the case that you want to use for your text.

2. Voilà, copy your text and use it.

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