Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses

You’ve worked hard to build your business, and now it’s time to start thinking about how you can keep track of your expenses. This is why you need the best payroll services for small businesses.

It will save your time and money by processing employee earnings, taxes, and deductions automatically. The payroll service takes care of paying employees and other related expenses for you so that your staff can focus on working for you instead of on taxes and accounting.

Small businesses rarely have the time or resources to handle all of their own accounting and HR. Payroll services can manage all that messy paperwork for you so that you don’t have to worry about taxes, COBRA, worker’s comp, insurance, etc.

Moreover, choosing the best payroll services for small businesses will help your business thrive, save time on administrative tasks and enjoy peace of mind knowing that all financial records are being kept accurately and in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Here are some great options for small businesses when it comes to payroll services.

Top-5 Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses

Considering the customer reviews and features offered by the services, here are the Top-5 Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses.

1) Gusto

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses - Gusto

It is an incredible choice for busy entrepreneurs who want to manage their employees accurately and on time.

This payroll service specifically suits small businesses that don’t have prior experience in using a payroll service. It has a user-friendly interface and can be used by people with no experience in payroll whatsoever.

Features of Gusto

  • Easy setup

You can get set up with Gusto in just a few minutes. They have an easy-to-follow guide that makes it simple for even the most inexperienced business owners. 

  • Employee self-service

With Gusto, employees can view their paystubs and W-2 forms online whenever they want. They can also request time off, change their address, submit timesheets, and more.  

  • Great customer support

Business owners can contact Gusto’s customer support team about any questions they have or problems they’re having. Gusto’s customer service team is available 24/7 by phone, email, and chat. 

  • Affordable Plans

Being a small business, you can start using Gusto with a Simple plan for $40 per month. That’s impressive when you are getting numerous automatic payroll features and quality integrations.


2) OnPay

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses - OnPay 

It is a powerful cloud-based option that helps you reduce your dependence on costly, inefficient staffing agencies. 

It is designed to be both user-friendly and feature-rich so that businesses can take advantage of as many benefits as possible. 

Also, this software offers businesses a way to manage all of their financial functions in one place so that there is less risk of mistakes in record keeping. It is an excellent solution for small businesses that want to streamline their operations and stay organized. 

Features of OnPay

  • Employee Management

OnPay utilizes modern technologies to allow your employees to make their profiles on the software and update them accordingly. Once the employees create the profile, the management feature will store all the documents related to each employee such as their performance reports, W-2 forms, and paystubs.

  • Integrations

You can sync it with several software that is beneficial for your business. Specifically, it has integrations with time tracking software such as 401(k), accounting software; Xero and Quickbooks, and other retirement software as well. Shortly, it’s a one-stop shop with all the necessary integrations.

  • Easy to use

OnPay has a user-friendly interface that even people with no experience in payroll whatsoever will be able to understand. 

  • Affordable

The OnPay company charges the same monthly fees as Gusto. For a small business, you can get almost all the premium features of OnPay for $40 per month.


3) QuickBooks Payroll

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses - QuickBooks Payroll 

QuickBooks Payroll is again a cloud-based solution that makes it easy to track your income and expenses so that you can keep your business in the black. 

Furthermore, you get access to real-time visibility into how your business is performing. It automatically calculates payroll taxes, including FICA and state unemployment insurance. 

QuickBooks also integrates with your financial accounts, like your bank and credit card providers, to help you monitor cash flow

Concisely, QuickBooks is full-fledged accounting software that can be used for more than just payroll. Therefore, it is great for businesses that want more than just a payroll service, but a complete accounting solution.

Features of QuickBooks

  • Automated Payroll Runs

This feature helps save a lot of time if your payrolls are often the same. You can even customize this feature according to the schedule and work of your employee.

  • In-depth reporting

QuickBooks offers more in-depth reporting and financial analysis than other payroll software. This is great for businesses that want to keep track of their finances in detail. 

  • Comprehensive

QuickBooks is a complete accounting solution that can be used for more than just payroll. It offers businesses a way to manage all of their financial functions in one place so that there is less risk of mistakes in record keeping.


4) SurePayroll

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses - SurePayroll

SurePayroll is one of the best payroll services for small businesses. It’s easy to set up and use, and it comes with helpful features like audit support, alerts, and reporting. 

For that reason, SurePayroll makes it easy to track your employee hours, manage time off requests, and keep up with scheduled pay raises and bonuses. 

SurePayroll also integrates with third-party apps, including QuickBooks, Xero, Buddy Punch, and Home Base. This makes it easy to track your business finances and stay on top of your cash flow. 

Features of SurePayroll

  • Mobile Functionality

You can access SurePayroll from your iOS and Android devices to run payrolls from anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the mobile functionality is so attractive and uncomplicated that new users would readily access all the features without any hassle.

  • Payroll Tax Calculator

Many small businesses worry about the calculation and filing of necessary payroll tax forms, including forms 940, 941, and 943. However, payroll handles all the forms and calculates the payroll tax and remittance totals.

  • Reporting Variety

The reports that come with SurePayroll are based on various data from your business. With a huge reporting variety, you get an Employee Detail report, a Check Register, a New Hire report, and a Deductions report with SurePayroll.


5) ADP Run

Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses - ADP Run

ADP Run helps stay compliant with regulations relating to payroll, taxes, and more. It’s simple and easy to use, even for those who aren’t tech-savvy. 

In addition, you can use it to track your employees’ hours, manage time off requests, and set up pay raises and bonuses.

It offers potential tools for small businesses and that’s why, only 28 people are not satisfied with ADP Run out of 906, according to reviews published on G2 by real customers.

Features of ADP Run

ADP Run offers several features that make it an excellent choice for businesses of all sizes, including: 

  • Direct Debit Card

With ADP run, your employees can choose to get a Wisely Direct Debit Card. It's actually a prepaid card managed by ADP that you can fund through direct deposit. With this card, your employees can have direct access to their paychecks once you have run the payroll.

  • Integrations

ADP run made multiple beneficial integrations with other software such as Wave, Creative Solutions, and QuickBooks so you can automatically sync your payroll on the go.

  • Benefits Administration

This feature is available as an add-on for any monthly or yearly plans. With Benefits administration, you have options for retirement, workers’ compensation, and health insurance.


The Bottom Line

Choosing the Best Payroll Services for Small Businesses can be a little complex. With the market full of Payroll services, you can any of the above-discussed services according to your business.

Furthermore, all these services are credible, efficient, and thousands of professionals around the world are using them. So, it's time to align your business needs with any of these payroll services and start using them for the growth of your business.

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