5 Best SharePoint backup solutions

SharePoint backup solutions play an important role in most organizations because the impact of a site failure can be quite devastating.

Users are now more aware of their work documents and companies are trying their best to keep them secure from potential data loss. Today, with the rise of cloud services, users expect seamless access to files even when they are on the go.

If you have not yet implemented a backup system for your SharePoint environment, then it’s about time you start thinking about it. The risk of data corruption or theft is present even in the most secure environments.

And while it might not happen often, these risks increase if your entire company relies on only one single source of information. To guarantee smooth operations and prevent data breaches, you need to implement a reliable backup solution.

Therefore, companies are adopting SaaS applications for collaboration, document storage, and VMs. In this blog post, we will put light on some of the best SharePoint backup solutions that will assist you to manage your backup needs while maintaining your budget.

Thankfully, there are many backup solutions out there that you can use to protect your SharePoint data.

5 Best SharePoint backup solutions

There are numerous SharePoint backup solutions available on the internet. However, if you are looking for some of the best options, here they are!

1) Kernel Migrator SharePoint backup

5-best-sharepoint-backup-solutions - Kernel Migrator

Kernel migrator is a software-based solution that helps you protect your data against server failures, data corruption, and human errors.

It works on the concept of ‘redundancy’, which is an integral part of disaster recovery. The software allows you to perform incremental backups of your data that can be restored within minutes.

Kernel Migrator supports all major versions of SharePoint and integrates with Office 365 and Azure. It features a customizable retention schedule that lets you select the data retention periods. Shorty, if you are looking for the best SharePoint backup solutions, Kernel Migrator is one of them.

Features of Kernel Migrator SharePoint backup

  • Analyzes Files and Error Risks

When dealing with files in large quantities, it is crucial to make sure that all the files are accurately analyzed so that the chances of errors are reduced. Kernel Migrator features an intelligent algorithm and scans all the files when processing them.

  • Migrate in Bulk

It helps in migrating files between SharePoint site/list/ library, Office 365/ Exchange Public Folders, and Windows File System. When using Kernel Migrator, it develops coordination among servers so you can easily migrate the files in bulk and also multiple times so that your files are stored at desired locations.

  • Migrate Meta Data

In case, the data that you are transferring doesn’t have any specific date, username, and time so it will be difficult to access the data in need. Therefore, Kernel Migrator migrates all folders, files, and documents with their meta properties for enhancing accessibility and providing ease as well.


2) Idera SharePoint

5-best-sharepoint-backup-solutions - Idera

Idera SharePoint Backup is a cloud-based backup solution that can be used to protect your SharePoint data. This professional-grade tool comes with built-in functionality to create full and incremental backups of your on-premises or Azure-hosted SharePoint environments.

The software offers granular control over your backup schedule, allowing you to configure the job frequency as per your requirements. It also allows you to select the data to be backed up, so you can protect your entire environment with a single click.

This cloud-based backup solution can easily scale to meet the needs of large enterprises and comes equipped with built-in security features that help protect your data against malicious attacks.

Additionally, you can use the software to perform instant recoveries of your data. It features a friendly user interface that even inexperienced users can operate easily.

Features of Idera SharePoint

  • Real-time Monitoring

With Idera SharePoint Backup, you can manage your data with real-time analysis. It shows the actual backup performance and restores operations so that you don’t have to worry about the overall productivity.

  • High-fidelity Granular Protection

Idera provides powerful protection to SharePoint sites and site collections. Therefore, no digital threats can harm your backup data at any cost.

  • Powerful Compression

All your files are powerfully and efficiently compressed when stored with Idera. Moreover, the speed of backup operation is so fast that it satisfies all the users.

  • Automatic Backup

If you don’t like creating the backups again and again. No worries, Idera comes with the incredible feature of automatic backup. You can schedule your backup operations and your backup will be created effortlessly.


3) Veritas Netbackup for SharePoint

5-best-sharepoint-backup-solutions - Veritas Netbackup

Veritas Netbackup for SharePoint is an enterprise backup solution that will help you to protect your SharePoint data. This tool comes with built-in functionality to create full and incremental backups of your on-premises or Azure-hosted SharePoint environments.

It is a cost-effective solution that saves your IT budget and frees up resources. Veritas Netbackup for SharePoint also offers granular control over your backup jobs by allowing you to choose the data to be backed up. It also allows you to create separate schedules for your databases and files.

The software allows you to set retention policies, so you can manage your disk space effectively. It also features a centralized console that allows you to manage all your backup jobs from a single location.

Features of Veritas Netbackup

  • Perform the operations In the Background

Veritas Netbackup doesn’t disturb others software when creating a backup. It can seamlessly perform its task while you can work on other software.

  • Enterprise-Level Tools

For processing backup and restore functions, Veritas Netbackup has numerous enterprise-level tools that will help you scale your infrastructure.

  • Reduce Costs

The pricing of Veritas Netbackup is affordable and offered by a quote. This backup software works on a SaaS model so you get to use the tool only when they are crucial. Hence, you only pay for those features which are useful and efficient for you.


4) Docretriever for SharePoint Backup

5-best-sharepoint-backup-solutions - Docretriever

Docretriever for SharePoint is a SharePoint backup solution that enables you to create a full backup of your SharePoint data. With Docretriever for SharePoint, you can also schedule your backup tasks and restore your data through an intuitive web user interface.

This SharePoint backup solution offers flexible pricing plans and comes with a free trial that allows you to test the functionality and features of the software before making a purchase.

Features of Docretriever

  • Precise Selection

Sometimes, we are only looking for specific files in the backup, but have to recover a bunch of folders and then find that specific file which is a lengthy and time-taking process for sure. However, with Docretriever, you select any individual item to import out of backups without any hassle.

  • Premium Features

You get all the premium features with Docretriever. From preserving metadata to providing unlimited licensing, it’s one of the best SharePoint backup solutions.

  • Free Trial

For implementing the software and checking whether it suits you or not, you can simply access the free trial. This way, there's no chance that you don’t get what you need.


5) MetaVis Backup for SharePoint

5-best-sharepoint-backup-solutions - MetaVis Backup

This software is easy to install and destined for both experienced and inexperienced IT teams. It has an incredible graphical user interface that will help you schedule backup jobs and manage the entire backup process.

Features of MetaVis

  • Comprehensive Backups

MetaVis takes care of your entire SharePoint data including search data, service applications, content databases, and farm configurations. It stores all the important aspects of your SharePoint data and makes sure that your data is stored correctly.

  • Accelerated Data Recover

With MetaVis, you can recover old, corrupted, and lost SharePoint content in collaboration with the high-speed servers of the software. It protects your data from being lost while maintaining the efficiency of recovery processes.


The Bottom Line

These solutions help you protect your data against server failure, data corruption, and human errors by offering a reliable backup solution. If you are looking for the best backup solutions for SharePoint, then the above-mentioned solutions are currently on top.

These solutions are easy to implement, cost-effective, and compatible with most organizations. With these solutions, you can secure your data from potential threats and enjoy easy access to your files even when you are in need.

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